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Douglas Wilson Johns, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Portland, Oregon


811 NW 20th Ave, Suite 304, Portland, Oregon 97209

 Please visit my new website for adult counseling at I am in the process of updating, adding and changing websites.


Thank you for visiting my web site for counseling and psychotherapy. I offer a range of mental health and counseling services to the greater Portland and Vancouver metro area including individual, family and group therapy. Choosing a counselor you feel comfortable with can be a confusing experience so I invite you to look through my web pages and get a flavor for my counseling style.

At the top of this page you will find some general links regarding my work as a therapist, topics of particular interest to me, and descriptions of my work for adults and parents. You will also find a link with a specific message to teenagers who might be reluctant to attend counseling. There is also a link to a page of resources describing books, web sites as well as specific events I conduct on topics like parenting, psychotherapy, depression and anxiety relief, etc. On the left side of this page are links to specific topics of interest. If a link does not currently work please check back later as my site is a work in progress. Again, thank you for visiting my counseling web site and please feel free to call me with any questions at 503-252-3739.

Please note, for reasons of confidentiality I do not accept client inquiries by email. Please call at the number above with any questions. Thank you for your understanding. Inquiries of a purely technical nature regarding this website may be made to:

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Accessing this web site in no way constitutes an implied or explicit contract for services between Douglas Wilson Johns and any person. Documents are for informal information purposes only; please speak directly with a qualified professional regarding any specific health concerns you have.

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